Friday, December 31, 2010

NEW Shapes Learning Activities

I have two exciting new Shape Learning Activities listed in my Etsy Store,

The first is "Shape Fun Basics" which contains many great learning materials to either introduce your child to shapes or review shapes with them. I love how colorful and basic this unit is. It is perfect for anyone who has or works with children. The shape coloring pages have endless opportunities! It comes with the following learning materials:
Here is a detailed list of its contents (click on the photo to enlarge):The next great new listing I have is for my "Shape Fun Activities". These are great activities to explore the basic shapes, of course while having lots of fun. My own children's favorite are the "Play-doh Shape Fun Activities" and the "Breakfast Shadow Match File Folder Game". Shape Fun Learning Activities comes with the following materials:Here is a detailed list of its contents (click on photo to enlarge):Both Shape Learning Units are only $3.00. CLICK HERE to be taken to my Etsy Store.

Which one is your favorite?


Betts Family said...

This stuff is definitely one of your callings in life . . .such amazing ideas!

Kim said...

We would LOVE to have this one!! I am on my way to your etsy store to check it out now :) You do a great job!!

AllysonS said...

Too cute! They both look great. I can't wait to win!

Amy said...

Shauna, I'm so impressed with all you've done. Congrats on all of your success! You're amazing!

Shauna said...

Thanks everyone! I appreciate your kind words! Good luck with the contest!