Monday, January 31, 2011

Simple Flower Valentine's Day Cards

This is a cute, yet simple Valentine's Day card that I made with my girls last year. I got the idea from one of my issues of Family Fun Magazine. I love Family Fun Magazines and as soon as I get my new issue I go through and bend back all of the pages that I want to do with my family (which is usually the whole magazine). I highly recommend getting a subscription to this magazine because it has so many fun craft, food, games, and travel ideas centered around families. Plus, the subscription price is very reasonable. Right now they have a deal, 10 issues for $10.00.
You can click here to go to the original instructions from Family Fun Magazine.

To make our Flower Valentine's Day cards we did the following steps:
  1. We cut out three hearts the same size to make the outside flower petals.
  2. Then we used a flower shaped whole punch to cut out the middle petals. You could also cut them out on your own.
  3. The last thing we cut out were two green leaves.
  4. Once we cut out all of the pieces from our scrapbook and construction paper, we whole punched the middle of the petals and slid the sucker through it.
  5. After adding the sucker to the petals we glued on the green leaves.
  6. The last thing we did was write my daughters names on one of the leaves (where I have the Happy Valentine's Day heart in the picture).We had a few left over petals, so we decided to make some smaller flowers with the leftovers. My girls LOVED making these fun cards and they liked giving them to their friends and teachers even more.


Jyl & Andy said...

that is such a great idea. I can't wait to try it.

Kelli said...

Very cute!! I'll have to try this with my girls.

Laine said...

CUTE! I think we'll do that this year. Hey, are you the one that sent Nicole the Family Fun Subscription a few years ago? :) She loved it!!!

Shauna said...

Elaine, thanks! The cards were easy enough that my girls could make them, but I too think they turned out pretty cute. I am guessing it was my cute Mom who sent you all the Family Fun Subscription. Glad cute Nicole enjoyed it. We love your family!