Tuesday, February 22, 2011

If I Were President... Activity and Download

Happy President's Day! Today here in the United States we celebrated President's Day. I knew I wanted to do something special with my daughter's to talk a little about what a President was as well as our current president.

The girls and I had a great discussion about what it means to be the president of something and then we read a children's book about President Obama together. I was amazed with the questions they asked and their interest in learning about what a President's role is.

Earlier today I made this printable, "If I were President...". The girls and I talked about what they would do if they were president and they came up with the ideas below on their own. I just loved their illustrations and the fact that my Little Blonde is writing on her own. At the end of the post you can download this paper.

Little Red (who is in preschool) said, "If I were President, I would have everyone love each other". She then drew a picture and told me, "I am loving my mommy and mommy loves me!" How true that is! Aren't her illustrations darling?

Little Blonde (who is in Kindergarten) said, "The poor would get money every month". She said it made her sad when people didn't have money to buy things they needed. She said this about her drawing, "The rich lady (on the left) has fancy hair and lipstick on. She is giving the poor lady (on the right) that has holes in her clothes twelve dollars and they are holding hands". I love how much she thought about this and of course I love her illustrations as well.This activity could be done at any time of the year. So CLICK HERE to download your copy of this simple, yet fun activity. I would love to know if you use this in your class or with your own children.

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