Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My Love for Flowers

Thanks to my grandmother and mother, I have always had a LOVE for flowers. I love looking at them, smelling them, planting them, watching them grow, caring for them, buying them, drawing them, painting them, taking pictures of them, ... you get the picture!

About this time of year I start getting anxious for it to be spring and for the gardening season to begin. I usually go overboard my first time I go shopping for flowers for my yard. I usually try to buy perennials, but I love the varieties annuals have to offer as well.
If you can't tell from my header my favorite flower of ALL times are roses. Oh how I LOVE them! I can't get enough of them, and every home we have lived in I have always made sure to plant as many rose bushes as I can. I love their fragrance, their beauty, and the fact that they bloom over and over again. One of my favorite variety of roses is the picture at the top of this post called, "Double Delight".

My second favorite type of flowers are Dahlias, like this beautiful one pictured above. The bloom on this Dahlia was as big as my daughters head. GORGEOUS!
All of these little beauties pictured were taken of flowers in my flower garden last summer.
So, even though amazingly my rose bushes are already budding out...I know that I still have a while to wait until I can start planting my flowers and watching them grow.
I think the hardest part for me about my love of gardening, is the past three homes we have lived in I have planted hundreds of flowers, bushes, trees, watched them grow and flourish, just to have to move. Definitely the pits. But, there is always a new yard and a new blank palette to begin with.
So, as many of us are enduring cooler weather, I will keep dreaming of the beautiful flowers I will be able to enjoy this year!
So, how many of you share my love of gardening and flowers?


Dizzyhappymama said...

I love flowers, but have never reaaly gardened. This year, I am going to try and garden both veggies and flowers!

Shauna said...

Sarah, gardening can be so much fun with your children. I always let my little ones pick out a few flowers each spring, they plant them on their own, and take care of them by watering them. They love it. We also let them help when it comes time to planting seeds and plants in our vegetable garden. Their favorite thing all summer long is to pick the vegetables and fruit when they are ready to harvest. They get so excited!Good luck with your gardening adventures this year.