Monday, March 28, 2011

My All About Me Book & FREE download

"My All About Me Book" is one of my favorite items I sell in my Etsy Store and it is one of my top sellers with positive reviews. My preschool class and my own children made these books this year and they had so much fun doing it.

The All About Me books are a great way to journal about your child as well as to remember the special things your child was interested in, how tall they were at that age, what their self portrait looked like, etc.

This book is made for all ages. For younger children you can help them fill it out, for older children they can fill it out themselves. The great thing is you could do this book over and over each year or as often as you would like. I plan on having my girls make this book each year to see how much they have changed as well as grown. It would also be a great item to add to your child's portfolio if you teach.
The best part is the "My All About Me Book" is only $3.00 and it can be downloaded and printed over and over again. CLICK HERE to be taken to the book at my Etsy Store.

To download this sample height and weight page from My All About Me Book, CLICK HERE.
Thanks everyone and have a great week.

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Anonymous said...

i was looking for something different and visually interesting for our school's 'all about me theme". Than you. I love it!