Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Worm Measuring Activity Download, Giveaway, & News

"Worm Measuring"
During our Bugs and Creepy Crawlies Unit we spent a day studying worms. I thought the worm theme would be a great way to do some fun measuring activities in class. We talked all about measuring during Circle Time and I demonstrated how to measure with different objects. I then passed out a "yarn" worm to each student. I also gave them a Worm Measuring Paper and we went around the room measuring different objects. The students had a blast! They were so excited to measure different things and tell me how many worms long the object they measured was. CLICK HERE to download this Worm Measuring activity.Weekly Extended Learning Activities
Each preschool class I send home "Weekly Extended Learning Activities" with my students in their "Home Connection Folder". The Weekly Extended Learning Activities are activities for students to do at home to help bridge the school/home connection. Most of the activities I send home are optional, however sometimes I do ask for students to bring some of them back to class. The activities that are brought back class are shared during Circle Time. Then I either display the learning activities on a bulletin board or I save them to put into the students portfolios.

I will share the documents I use for my "Weekly Extended Learning Packets" and my "Home Connection Folder" in a different post.

"More Worm Measuring" Extended Learning Activity
I wanted the students to practice their measuring skills at home as well as have an activity that could be completed with the students families. So, I made this "More Worm Measuring" printable.

To download the "More Worm Measuring Activity" CLICK HERE.
Both these measuring activities are a part of my NEW & very fun "Worm Math and Literacy Themed Learning Unit". To see what exciting and engaging activities are included in my new Worm Math and Literacy Unit CLICK HERE. -Or- You can go directly to my Etsy Store HERE to purchase the new unit for just $4.00.

I love hearing from you. Comments always encourage me to share more with you! The first two people to leave a comment along with your e-mail address, will be digitally sent the entire Worm Themed Learning Unit for FREE. Hope you are having a great week!


Anonymous said...

I would love your worm unit activity. I am always looking for ways to get little ones to measure. Thanks for sharing.


Laine said...

Do I count for your "freebie"? You already have my email address and since I know you, it's okay if you give it to someone else. BUt I love your creativity and talent and so do my kids. :) currychaos@gmail.com

Shauna said...

Zizplace4 & Laine,
Your "Worm Learning Units" are on there way! Thanks so much for commenting! I hope that you enjoy them!

Unknown said...

Awesome! Thanks for sharing at For the Kids Friday at Sun Scholars!

Bridget said...

Oh well didn't make the top two, but what a clever way to teach math and about your life cycles.