Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Link Up to be Posted on Tues. & a Photo to make you smile

It is getting to be quiet late my time and this is the first chance I have been able to get onto my blog. Instead of staying up any later and not being able to function as a Mom or Preschool Teacher tomorrow, I have decided to go to bed now and post my "All Things Wonderful Link Up Party" Tuesday. I hope that you will come back to join me. I can't wait to share one of the reasons why I am up so late. It is SO adorable and it has to do with Easter.

Now onto the photo. What do you do when your daughter gets home from school and with a big smile on her face pulls out a big bouquet of Dandelions from her backpack that she has picked for you during recess? You put it in a nice glass vase of course. Unfortunately by the time I had a chance to take this picture the flowers had all closed up and had wilted. But, I still wanted to preserve the memory. Little Blonde said, "Mom, all of the kids in my class thought the bouquet of flowers I picked for you were just beautiful!" Does this mean I get to look forward to Dandelions being displayed in my house every day now?

On a serious note, I can't tell you enough how blessed and grateful I am to be a Mom. I can't think of anything else in the world that makes me more happy then when I look into one of my girls faces. My heart just bursts with love and appreciation when I think of how blessed I am that God gave me this gift to be a Mother.

Until tomorrow,

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