Saturday, May 7, 2011

All About My Mother and Grandmother Papers to Fill Out

To honor my student's Mothers, I made this paper for them to fill out. I had my preschoolers draw their Mother and write their name at the bottom of the paper, and then I wrote down their answers for them. If you have older children, you could have them fill out the paper all by themselves. CLICK HERE to download this "My Mother" paper.

I know that their are a lot of children who are either raised by a special Grandmother, or have special Grandma's in their lives. So, I made this paper for them to fill out as well. CLICK HERE to download this "My Grandmother" paper.

I can't tell you how cute and hilarious my students as well as own daughters responses were. I was seriously trying to hold it together on a few of their comments. Little Red who is 4 years old guessed I was 3 years old, and said that my favorite thing to do is give her hugs and kisses. Little Blonde who is 6 years old guessed that I was 24 years old, and she said that her favorite thing about me is that I am a nice Mom. Awe... so sweet.

Some of the responses that cracked me up from my preschool students were:

"My Mom doesn't like to play the Wii because she only plays it on Tuesdays and Saturdays."

"My Mom is 100 years old."

"My Mom doesn't like to break her blow dryer, because it can catch on fire."

"My Mom doesn't like to clean, because she just wants to play with us."

"My Mom doesn't like to go potty."

"My Mom likes to take long naps because she is really tired."

"My Mom doesn't like to lay on the couch and watch t.v. all day."

"My Mom has hazel hair, that is what her says. Her doesn't know what color of hair she has."

My favorite responses were when asked what the best thing about their Mom was, so many of them said:

"The best thing about my Mom is that she loves me."

"The best thing about my Mom is she likes to give me kisses and hugs."

"The best thing about my Mom is she is nice."

"The best thing about my Mom is she likes to play with me."

ALL of my students have amazing Moms, which makes me so happy.

So Happy Mother's Day and Grandmother's Day to you all! May you feel loved and appreciated not only Sunday, but throughout the whole year.

If you missed my printable Mother's Day Bookmarks (that include 3 different types of sets) CLICK HERE to download them.

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The beautiful flower image used was from a kit I purchased from Digital Scrapbook Studios to help with the Japan Relief Effort. CLICK HERE to find out more information.


Unknown said...

The activity is so cute! JDaniel would say I was 5. At 3 year old 5 is older than 3.

Happy Mother's Day! Thanks for stopping by.

Shauna said...

So true! I love how little kids think and what they say. Happy Mother's Day to you too!

Stuff-n-Such By Lisa said...

What a great idea! Perfect for Mother's Day!
Glad I found your blog from the FPTFY "Whatever You Want Wednesday" Link-up!
I am now a follower.
If you get a chance, come by and visit my blog and maybe follow me if you like it!
Lisa H.