Friday, June 17, 2011

Zoo Themed Preschool Newsletter FREE download

CLICK HERE to download this Zoo Themed Newsletter.

"My Colorful Zoo" was the last themed unit we did in my preschool. Let me tell you, I think it was not only one of my favorites, but my students as well. The reason why I named the unit "My Colorful Zoo" was because we focused not only on Zoo Animals during the month of May, be we also focused on our colors. Colors this year were a little tricky for my younger 3/4 yr. old class.

The first thing I want to share with you from our Zoo Themed Unit is the newsletter that I gave to my preschool families. It contains a list of fabulous books all about the Zoo and Colors, as well as a few zoo poems, songs, and details of our monthly focus. Over the summer I plan on going back and sharing my past newsletters that I haven't shared with you yet. Hopefully my newsletters will give you a few ideas to incorpate into your own themed units.

Don't forget to check out my past Preschool Monthly Newsletters on my side bar.


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