Friday, July 1, 2011

Firework Pom-Pom Sparkler Arts and Craft for Kids

Firework Pom-Pom SparklersMy girls had so much fun making these Pom-Pom Sparklers. Grandma just happened to be in town and she had a lot of fun making this sparklers with us. These pom-poms are easy to make, they turn out darling, and your kids will love playing with them. Materials Needed:
Pipe Cleaners

Making The Sparklers:

At first we had one person hold out their hands, while the other person wrapped the yarn around 20 times (even my girls did this by themselves working as partners). Wrapping the yarn around 20 times makes the Pom-Pom sparkler nice and full. Here is the funny part. Out of no where my husband comes in the room (who is Mr. Make and fix anything and Mr. Science Guy) carrying a bent up wired hanger and his electric screw gun. At firs I was a little scared and then he said watch this....! Apparently he thought our method for wrapping up the yarn was taking too long so he thought of a better idea. He attached the hanger to the screw gun, turned it on, and in a matter of seconds he had the yarn looped and ready to go. I couldn't stop laughing, even though it was pretty ingenious if you ask me.

Doesn't this yarn look so pretty and patriotic? After you loop the yarn cut one of the ends like in the picture below. Once the ends are cut make it into an oval shape. We used red, white, and blue yarn. Then slide two pipe cleaners underneath the oval shaped yarn (we chose to use two different colors so that there would be a contrast, kind of like a candy cane).Twist the pipe cleaners tightly in the center of the yarn. Then continue to twist one on top of the other until you get to the end. Because pipe cleaners can tend to be a little sharp on the ends, you may want to bend the ends up onto the Pom-Pom Sparkler handle. The last step is to cut the ends of the pom-pom to your desired length. Little Blonde is carefully cutting the yarn above. This was by far my girls FAVORITE part. They could have cut, cut, all day until their was no yarn left. My oldest wanted her pom-poms to be shorter, while my youngest wanted her pom-poms to be longer. And there you go, the finished product. Isn't it adorable? The girls have been shaking them all over the place ever since we finished making them. These Pom-Pom sparklers would be a lot of fun to bring with you if you are planning to watch a Fourth of July Parade, or a firework show. After we did this fun craft, we read the book, How to Bake an American Pie, by Karma Wilson together. How to Bake an American Pie is a great book full of patriotic symbols and images.
Here is a review from Amazon: Karma Wilson serves up a celebration of our country, its founders, and the immigrants who built it with this rhyming recipe. Wilson also frequently makes references to America the Beautiful throughout the book.

Here are some more Patriotic Children's books to help celebrate the Fourth of July:

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The book you recommended sounds very interesting - I'll be looking for it. Thanks for joining WMCIR!

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This book sounds great! Love the pom-poms.

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