Friday, July 1, 2011

Fourth of July Firework Painting Craft for Kids

This is probably one of the most fun crafts we have done in a while. I even had a blast making one of these firework paintings.

Materials Used:

Poster Paint (any acrylic paint would work)

White Paper (the thickness of cardstock)- I used some 12 x 12 scrapbooking cardstock paper I had on hand.

Bouncy Ball (larger one that has some weight to it)- You could also use a marble or anything else that is round and has some weight to it.

Cardboard Box - You could also use a tray or anything that has sides on it to stop the ball from rolling off of the paper.

First we started off by squirting out a handful of red and blue globs of paint onto the paper. They were about a dime or nickel size in diameter.

Then the girls picked up the box and tilted it back and forth and up and down to move the ball across the paint. It was almost like a game trying to get the ball to roll over the paint globs just perfectly.

The girls having fun!

This is what the art project looks like in the beginning stages.

Here is one of the completed "Firework Paintings".

Here is another "Firework Painting". Don't you just love the bright colors and contrast between the lines and globs of paints?

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Here are some more Patriotic Children's books to help celebrate the Fourth of July:

Don't forget to download my FREE Firework Thematic Unit. Just click here to get your copy. This 19 page PDF unit FULL of creative, and fun learning opportunities. My kids had a blast doing it!

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