Tuesday, August 9, 2011

New Blog Makeover

Yippee! I have finally finished making over my blog. What do you think of my new design? I have been wanting to change the design of my blog for while now, but I just couldn't figure out which direction to go with it. I really wanted to use a blog template I found that you could purchase, but in the end I decided to save a little money, as well as make the design exactly how I wanted it.

Now it is by no means perfect and I am still learning a lot with all of this digital design stuff, but I am pretty happy with the end results. It definitely reflects my personality! I was also excited to be able to combine my "My Shae Noel" blog header with my educational products logo "Learn and Grow Designs". It feels so much more unified now instead of two separate things.

After doing A LOT of thinking and researching I decided to go with Erica Zane's "Bluebird" Scrapbooking Kit (which I love). You can find all of her wonderful products at her digital scrapbook store, Scrapmatters. She is definitely one of my favorite digital scrapbook designers and I am so glad that I discovered her work. I really want to buy everything in her shop. You can also find her blog HERE.

Below are my new blog buttons. If you want to grab one or if you have one of my old buttons, please grab the new HTML codes on my side bar. Also, don't forget to come back tomorrow to join in on my "All Things Wonderful Link-Up". I have something really fun to share with you!


Jyl & Andy said...

I love your new look and colors. They are great.

Jyl & Andy said...

I love your new blog buttons. They are gorgeous.

Shauna said...

Thanks so much Jyl Bug! Glad you like it!