Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sisters and All Things Wonderful Link Party 9/14

This week I decided to post something a little different. As I was looking through some of my pictures tonight I came across this photo and I absolutely love it. In this photograph my girls were intensely watching these two ducks and they were trying to get closer, and closer to them without scaring them away.

When I look at this picture it reminds me of how much my girls love each other. They are such wonderful sisters and they really adore one another. Little Blonde and Little Red have SUCH different personalities, but in a way they compliment each other. These two spend hours playing with each other, and yes they have their moments every now and then, but in general they get along perfectly.

Both girls love drawing, and doing art projects together. They love playing Barbies, Littlest Pet Shops, Legos, and Polly Pockets together. They love make believing with their baby dolls and stuffed animals. They love playing dress ups and make believe. These two have such wonderful imaginations and they can play for hours on hours together without getting bored.

Little Blonde and Little Red are always putting on performance for us where they sing and make up dances together. They love exploring the outdoors with each other, riding bikes together, snuggling by each other while watching movies together, and coloring with each other.

I am so lucky and blessed to be a mother to these two, sweet, funny, and intelligent little girls. I could never thank God enough for trusting us to take care of and raise two of his precious daughters. Being a mother to Little Blonde and Little Red brings my husband and I so much joy!

I too was fortunate enough to grow up with two younger sisters. Even though we had our moments growing up, we are the best of friends now. I adore both of my sisters and even though they are younger than me I am constantly looking up to them.

I am so glad that my daughters have the privilege of growing up with a sister like I did. What a special gift in life to have! I hope that they will always share the special relationship that they have with each other right now.

This photograph is a great way of capturing this special moment in time.

All Things Wonderful Link Party

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Unknown said...

I loved your post about your cute girls and Sisters! I have an older sister and she is my best friend so I totally relate to how special having a sister is. I have 2 boys and one has red hair and one has blonde/brown hair, opposites just like yours. :)