Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Spelling List #1 Practice Pages - 1st Grade

This week my little First Grader, "Little Blonde", brought home her first set of spelling words. I decided to come up with a few fun ideas for her to practice her spelling words each night. I wanted the activities to be fun and not just seem like "extra" homework. I decided to post these practice pages each week on my blog, that way other parents that have children in my daughter's class could download them and use them with their own children.

If you are a homeschooler, these practice pages could help you establish or supplement an existing spelling program in your home. Also, you could use the ideas I share and simply adapt them to your own spelling list.

Stop by each Monday to get your new Spelling List and Practice Pages.

To get your first set of practice pages for "Spelling List #1" CLICK HERE. You will be able download, save, and/or print all of the pages you see below. Happy spelling!

Cover Page

Spelling Words Bingo

Spelling Words Bingo Cards

Missing Letters Spelling Practice

Missing Letters Spelling Practice Continued

Practice Spelling Test

Spelling List Practice Cards

Spelling List

Spelling List Word Search

Write and illustrate a "Silly Sentence" with the spelling list words.

I will be sharing these practice pages with the link parties on my sidebar.

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Unknown said...

Such a great idea! It is so boring working on those spelling words and this definitely makes it more fun! The word search and silly sentence worksheets are my favorite. I know my first grader would LOVE those activities!