Saturday, November 26, 2011

Featured at Green Eggs and Moms

Anne, from Green Eggs and Moms, contacted me to ask if you she could use my "Fun Dentist Mouth" snack idea in a post she was writing for her website. Of course I said yes, and I was so excited to read her article when she was finished writing it. It is entitled: "Fruit Spotlight: Apples. 4 Unique & Easy Healthy Lunchbox Snacks". It is such a well written article and Anne shares several fun ways to get your child to eat an apple as well as the health benefits your children will receive from eating apples.

CLICK HERE to read this fun and informative blog post.
While you are there, stay a while and read more of Green Eggs and Moms practical and interesting parenting tips.
Thanks again Anne for featuring "My Shae Noel".


Unknown said...

This looks like a great post! I am heading over to read it.

AnneM said...

Shauna! I just saw this post of your now :( Aww thanks so much for the kind words and I appreciate you sending folks over to me. I should be thanking you for the creative snack.

As an update, I made these snacks for the kiddo and I ended up eating them myself. He wasn't too thrilled about them (as I was) haha. So I'm still in search of creative ways to get him to LOVE more fruits.