Friday, December 30, 2011

Faces 101 Class with Carla Sonheim

Faces 101 Class with Carla Sonheim
Picture Credit: Carla Sonheim

Happy New Years to you all. I am so excited! Starting on Monday, I will be taking Carla Sonheim's "Faces 101" class. I have taken Carla's "Art of Silliness" class that was a lot of fun last year. One of my favorite things to draw and paint has always been portraits. There is something about the human face that is captivating to me.

My favorite feature? Definitely eyes! Love them! My girls both have the most beautiful big blue and hazel eyes with gorgeous long eyelashes (that I am so jealous of). My husband also has beautiful clear blue, deep set eyes, with eyelashes that curl and go on for ever. Of course my doggies have cute big round eyes that melt you. So, fortunately for me, I am surrounded by beautiful eyes that I can stare at all day long!

Just like the class title says, in a weeks time I will be drawing, painting, etc. 101 faces. Amazing isn't it? I am so excited to break out some of my art supplies like oil pastels, watercolors, ink, etc., that have been collecting dust in my art cabinet for way too long.

I LOVE learning and creating and I can't wait to get started. I will make sure to share some of my 101 faces with you. If you want to find more about this awesome class CLICK HERE.

Some of the things I love about Carla's classes are: you can go your own pace, the class instructions and exercises can be accessed forever, Carla's classes are well organized, fun, and very affordable. Plus Carla is an amazingly talented and down to earth artist.

Since one of my goals this new year is to focus back on the things I love to do and truly make me happy, this class is going to be a great way to start the year off.

I look forward to sharing with you more of my goals and some fun new changes I plan on doing this year with my family, my blogs, my Learn and Grow Designs Stores, and my own personal goals. Finding balance can always be tricky, and I look forward to not only simplifying my life this year, but also making it more meaningful and fulfilling.

Happy 2012! God Bless You All!

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