Saturday, January 7, 2012

My Winter Activity Book for Preschool to School Age Children

I am so excited to share with you my newest book from "My All About.." book series, it is My Winter Activity Book. My other books in the series are My All About Me Book, My Thanksgiving Book, and my My Christmas Book. My own children have absolutely loved all of the creative writing and drawing activities in this book series. "My All About..." books have been some of my top sellers in my Learn and Grow Designs stores.

My Winter Activity Book contains 10 fun filled pages to draw, color, and complete. This book is full of winter fun that will get your children excited about being creative with their writing and drawing! It contains all original hand drawn illustrations that I had so much fun drawing.
My Winter Activity Book is great for children of ALL AGES. The younger children can dictate their answers to you and doodle, while the older children can fill the book out themselves and draw.

The first page is a cover page where your child or student can draw a winter scene. They could also paint a picture, or simply add stickers to the front cover.
The second page has them draw themselves in the winter time as well as write a few things about themselves.
The third page is for your child or student to draw or paint a fun winter scene inside the snow globe.
On the fourth page the polar bear and snow rabbit need homes drawn for them to keep them warm during the winter. 
The fifth page tells your child how Mr. Penguin is lonely and he needs some friends.So, your child gets to draw some friends to make Mr. Penguin happy.
On the sixth page your child or student gets to finish the snowman. Fun! 

The seventh page is where your student or child names the winter clothing and then gets to color them.
On the eighth page they get to finish the story starter, "When it is cold outside I like to..." and illustrate a picture to go along with it.

The ninth page is probably one of my favorites. It is inspired by an "Eye Spy" theme, and it is called, Winter Fun "Find Me". Your child or student gets to try to find 5 of each of the things listed. One of my daughters chose to color the items as she found them. My other daughter simply circled the items that were found. Either way, tons of fun!
On the tenth and final page your child has a really fun creative writing story or a simple response they can write to "While playing outside you notice an igloo in the distance. You go inside and find...". What a fun thing to finish the drawing and write about.

How can you purchase this awesome book for only $3.00?
Click Here to be taken to my Learn and Grow Designs Etsy Store.
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So far this book is offered as a digital copy, but I may offer it in printed version as well. I will let you know.

Thanks so much for your support for my blog as well as my Learn and Grow Designs stores. It is so fun to share with you some of the things that bring me great joy in life!

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