Sunday, January 15, 2012

Penguin Math Addition and Subtraction Games for PreK and Kindergarten plus giveaway

Introducing my newest math creation, my "Penguin Math Fun Addition and Subtraction Games". I am so thrilled with how these games turned out. The games contain all original illustrations and I even had fun watercoloring the background of the Penguin Math Gameboard.
I made this game for my daughter "Little Red" who is 5 years old. She is really enjoying counting and adding these days, and I also wanted to review the concept of subtraction with her as well. After I finished making the game and showed it to her she was SO EXCITED to play it. Let me tell you, it was a big hit! She has played several of the games over and over again. While we were playing one night her big sister "Little Blonde" who is in First Grade said, "Mom, can I play too? It looks like so much fun!" Now for a seven year old this game was really easy, but I tell ya, she had just as much fun playing it as my 5 year old.

Some of the skills used while playing the "Penguin Math Games":
addition, subtraction, one-to-one correspondence, counting, recognizing numbers and number values, the sum of ten

With the digital version of this game you will receive both a colored copy of all of the games as well as a grayscale version (printer friendly version).
The games included in this fun pack are:
1. You will receive a simple addition and subtraction word problems game in which your child will add or subtract penguins using the “Penguin Math Game board”, the "Penguin Math Story Cards", and penguins provided up to the sum of ten.
2. You will receive a penguin counting game in which your child will draw one of the number cards provided and place that particular amount of penguins on the playing board.
3. Another game you can play with your “Penguin Math Fun Manipulatives” is you can have your child place the penguins on the playing board, and then simply have them find the corresponding number card that matches.
4. There are many additional math games you can play using the materials provided in your digital download.
Now, for some exciting news, I also have this fun "READY MADE" version of this game in my Learn and Grow Designs Shops as well. This is the version that we have been having fun with. You will receive all of the items I described above, but you also will get darling, and I mean darling, penguin erasers to use as the math manipulatives to play the games. You will also receive a storage envelope and storage container to store all of the game pieces in. Plus, all of the game pieces are printed in color onto heavy cardstock paper and are all ready laminated for you. So see, I did all of the work for you!
Here is the awesome container you will receive with your purchase that even comes with its own label. This organizer is perfect to store the small math manipulative pieces in.
Meet the penguins. I told you they were super cute! My daughters love how they are like puzzles, you can actually take them apart and put them back together. For this reason these penguin eraser manipulatives may not be suitable for children under three years old. The digital version is great for children of all ages.
So where you can you purchase these two version of my "Penguin Math Fun Addition and Subtraction Games"?
Click Here for the digital version in my Learn and Grow Designs Etsy Store.
Click Here for the digital version in my Learn and Grow Designs Teacher's Notebook Store.
Click Here for the READY MADE version in my Learn and Grow Designs Etsy Store.
Click Here for the READY MADE version in my Learn and Grow Designs Teacher's Notebook Store.

My Shae Noel Giveaway:
Want to win a copy of my digital version of "Penguin Math Fun Addition and Subtraction Games"? Just follow these few steps:
This giveaway is open to U.S. Residents as well as all of my International Readers. Please make sure that I have a away of getting a hold of you to e-mail you the digital version of the giveaway if you win. Giveaway ends on Wed., January 18th, at midnight. Winner will be chosen using  
1. Mandatory Entry: Leave a comment on this post.
2. Optional Entry: Add my "Penguin Math Fun Addition and Subtraction Games" digital version or ready made version as a favorite item in my Learn and Grow Designs Teacher's Notebook Shop and then leave a separate comment on this post letting you me know that you have completed this step.

Good luck!


Lindsey & Kurtis said...

These are so neat. I love the digitals, but the ready made version is awesome...I like it even more after seeing it in person and seeing how much fun your kids were having playing with it. :) Math never looked more fun.

"The Kids Place" Home Daycare and Preschool said...

Your games look like a lot of fun.
Thanks for sharing.

Unknown said...

This looks like so much fun! I know my boys would love it!

Unknown said...

I favorited the Ready Made version in your store. Those little penguins are too cute!