Thursday, March 22, 2012

Y is for Yak, See the Yak Yak book.

We  had a lot of fun learning all about Yak's and the letter "Yy". To start of we located where Yaks are most commonly found in the world. We talked about what a Yak was and what makes Yak's unique.
Little Red completed this letter "Yy" handwriting practice paper. True to nature she felt the need to make her Yak look more fancy and like a girl when she colored it. CLICK HERE to be taken to First-School where you can download this "Yy is for Yak" handwriting practice worksheet.
We read this book together and looked for objects throughout the book that started with the letter "Yy". I really like Scholastic's Alpha Tales book series. Well worth the investment.
We did a fun and very simple sensory experiment with salt and sugar.
  1. I put salt and sugar in two separate bags and labeled them #1 and #2.
  2. Next I had Little Red look at the bags and guess which bag had salt in it and which bag had sugar in it with out touching it.
  3. Next I had little red feel the two different bags and predict which one had sugar in it and which one at salt in it.
  4. The last thing that I had Little Red do was taste a little bit of sugar and salt and then predict which was which.
We have always loved this book See the Yak Yak by Charles Ghigna.  It is excellent for teaching Homonyms. My youngest who is 5 years old even feels confident reading this book because of its simple text and pictures.

We then made our "Y is for Yak" alphabet page for our alphabet book. CLICK HERE to see more of our alphabet pages.  To make this art project I had "Little Red" glue a Yak Template we had leftover from an old Mother Goose Time kit onto our alphabet page. Little Red then added a googly eye onto the Yak and details like eyelashes and nostrils. During Christmas I saved some packaging materials that we got from a Hickory Farms Gift Box and I thought that the packaging materials would be perfect to represent Yak's long wiry hair. The end project turned out really cute!

This is the Yak poster I made to teach Little Red about what a Yak was and to visually show her what Yaks' look like.
We also had fun learning about the Himalayan Mountains where Yaks live in central Asia.

To download your free copy of my Yak Information Poster and my Himalayan Mountains Poster CLICK HERE. Enjoy and remember that these posters are for personal and classroom use only. Thanks!

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Lindsey said...

Wow! This is one of my favorites! I love your yak illustration, I want to buy that book (that would have been so useful for speech therapy with some of my students), and the posters are awesome. Oh, and I think the science experiment is fun, too. Love it all!