Saturday, October 13, 2012

Little Boy Blue Nursery Rhyme Free Printables

Hi everyone. I have been working on creating a lot of fun farm themed materials, and I thought that I would share some free printables with you today. I LOVE using Nursery Rhymes when teaching children. The rhyming nature of nursery rhymes is so important for children to hear. It helps teach children to hear the sounds and syllables of words, which helps them to read. Plus, if we don't teach our children these nursery rhymes now, then they will someday be a thing of the past. Click Here to be taken to a wonderful article about the importance of teaching Nursery Rhymes to children from Reading Rockets.
So, here is a FREE "Little Boy Blue Nursery Rhyme Printable Pack". Scroll down below to see what is included in this fun pack, as well as to download a copy for yourself for free.

First, I have included a poster of the "Little Boy Blue Nursery Rhyme".

Second, I made a fun "Little Boy Blue Math" page for preschool/Kindergarten aged children. This printable focuses on counting, patterns, tracing and drawing numbers.
 I have also included a black and white printer friendly version of the "Little Boy Blue Math" paper.
The last item in this printable pack is a mini reader that you can print out and assemble together. That way your child or student has their very own copy of the "Little Boy Blue" nursery rhyme. If your children are younger, the picture clues can help them remember the nursery rhyme. If your children are older, they might be able to sound out some of the words and read the nursery rhyme by themselves.
I hope you and your children enjoy these fun printables. I would love for you to say hello and let me know that you have stopped by.
CLICK HERE to download your FREE "Little Boy Blue Printable Pack".
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Lindsey said...

Thanks for the free download. I love using nursery rhymes.