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Chris P. Bacon - My Life So Far... Book Review

Chris P. Bacon - My Life So Far... is a story about an inspiring little pig called, Chris P. Bacon, and his caring adopted father, a veterinarian named Len Lucero. Chris P. Bacon was born without the use of his back legs. This adorable pig became a You Tube and Talk Show sensation when his dad, Len Lucero, posted a video on You Tube of Chris using a handmade cart made out of toys to help him get around.

My Review

My daughters and I were absolutely thrilled to receive a copy of Chris P. Bacon - My Life So Far..., written by Len Lucero and Kristina Tracy,  in the mail from Hay House Publishing to review. We had already watched several videos of Chris on You Tube here and we couldn't wait to read the story behind this cute little pig. 

Chris P. Bacon - My Life So Far... is a wonderful book that should be added to your home or school library. At the beginning of the book you find out that when Chris was just a little piglet he was taken into a veterinarian office. Dr. Len, the veterinarian at the clinic, decided to take Chris home to be a part of his forever family. Immediately we loved this part of the story. In our home we have adopted 3 different dogs. Two of our beloved dogs that we had from the time we adopted them as puppies from the Humane Society both ended up getting cancer over a year ago and passed away within 3 months of each other. We had Buddy and Maddie for 10 years. We miss them so much and they were more than pets to us, they were a part of our family. 

About a year ago we then adopted a little rescue dog my daughter's named Lily. Lily came into our home with a broken spirit. Lily was severely mistreated and neglected before a rescue group found her. Although Lily didn't have as many physical challenges as Chris P. Bacon, she had a lot of emotional challenges that she needed a loving family to help her get over. Lily has become such a brightness in our lives and we love her dearly. She is silly, sweet, and loving. We are so glad that we made the choice to adopt Lily. 

From our experience with adopting pets and making the commitment to have them a part of our forever family, we have so much respect for Dr. Len who made Chris a permanent part of his family.
In Chris P. Bacon - My Life So Far..., the book shares Chris's first experience with using a cart, made from toy parts, to help him get around.  It talks about how Chris became a huge inspiration with children and adults and how he traveled all over the United States doing interviews and sharing his story. I love the part of the book that says, "The best thing about my new life is that I get to meet people and animals who are different...just like me. I think that when they see what a tiny pink pig can do with a little help-and a lot of grunting-it makes them realize that they can do all kinds of things, too."

The illustrations in the book by Penny Weber are so adorable and colorful. The back of the book also contains real photographs of Chris P. Bacon which were so much fun to look at.

I highly recommend this book for parents, children, librarians, school teachers, etc. Chris P. Bacon is such an inspiring story that both children and adults can relate to. It teaches you that no matter what obstacles in life come your direction, you can achieve anything, sometimes on your own, and sometimes with the help of others.

We can't wait to see what is in store next for the amazing Chris P. Bacon!

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FTC Disclosure: I received this book for free from Hay House Publishing for this review. The opinion in this review is unbiased and reflects my honest judgment and opinion of the book. 

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