Tuesday, May 27, 2014

2014 Curriculum Clean Out Winners and a Surprise

Congratulations to the 3 lucky winners above who won educational items from my "Spring 2014 Curriculum Clean-OUT". An e-mail was sent to you to requesting the information I need to mail/and or E-mail your winning items to you. So exciting!
And...here is the surprise. Anyone that entered any of my 3 curriculum clean-out Giveaways (23 Pre - K - Upper Elementary School Educational Items Giveaway, 18 Upper Elementary School Educational Items Giveaway, and/or my 12 Digital Educational items Giveaway from Learn and Grow Designs) wins something special. You all get to choose one of the 12 digital educational items from my Learn and Grow Designs Shop above and I will e-mail the item to you for FREE. Only one item may be requested, you have to have entered at least one of the giveaways mentioned above, and the items you can choose from can only be one of the 12 items listed above. So fun right!?!

Simply e-mail me at learnandgrowdesigns at gmail dot com with the following information:
  • Name you used when entering the Rafflecopter Giveaway(s)
  • Title of the Item you are requesting from the list below. 
  • and please type "Giveaway Request" in the Subject Heading of the E-mail
  • Simple right?
 (click on the links below to find out more information about the items pictured above)

  1. Chinese New Year Activity, Drawing, and Fact Book - 24 Pages
  2. 40 Blank Game Boards and Reward Charts - 45 Pages
  3. Simple Addition Practice Pages - 12 Pages
  4. Little Red Riding Hood Literature Extension Packet - 11 Pages
  5. Let's Learn about Frogs - Math, Literacy, and Science Unit - 33 Pages
  6. A-Z Printable Coloring Book with Traceable Words - 27 Pages
  7. On the Farm Unit - 55 Pages and 22 Activities
  8. Princess Shape Jewel Sort File Folder Game - 7 Pages
  9. Little Miss Baker Puppet and Art Project - 15 Pages
  10. My Summer Activity and Drawing Book - 13 Pages
  11. The Muffin Man Nursery Rhyme Puppet Art Project - 10 Pages
  12. The 12 Months of the Year Activity Pack - 40 Pages  
Thanks  again for entering my Giveaways. Congratulations again to McKenzie, Amy, and Christina for being the big winners, and hopefully you all feel like a winner now. 

Please allow me at least a week to e-mail everyone their free item. My sweet husband fell down a hill full of boulders while camping a week ago which resulted in 4 staples in his head, cuts, bruises, and a bad concussion. Basically he stopped tumbling down the hill by his head hitting a big jagged boulder and pushing it several inches. It was a scary situation. We are blessed that he is with us here today. We just got back from the Emergency Room again this evening because his concussion symptoms have gotten worse this week. Luckily he doesn't have any major brain damage, however his concussion is really bad and he has a long road to recovery. So, please keep my sweet husband Ben in your prayers if you can. He is a wonderful husband and father, and my two daughters, sweet doggie, and I adore him!

Take Care!

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