Thursday, December 9, 2010

Snowman Preschool Action Songs

Here is a fun song that you can sing with young children.

Once There Was a Snowman Song
Once there was a snowman, snowman, snowman, (place arms above your head in a circle shape)

Once there was a snowman tall, tall, tall. (grow taller, on your tippy toes)

In the sun he melted, melted, melted, (begin to melt)

In the sun he melted small, small, small. (end up in a pile on the ground)

The following is one of my Preschool Classes favorite Winter Poems:

A Chubby Little Snowman
A chubby little snowman (arms make a fat tummy)

Had a carrot nose. (fist out in front of nose)

Along came a bunny, (hold up two fingers, hop hand)

And what do you suppose? (put hands up & shrug shoulders)

That hungry little bunny, (rub tummy)

Looking for his lunch, (shade eyes, look around)

Ate the snowman's carrot nose, (fist out in front of nose)

Nibble, nibble, crunch! (open and close fist moving towards mouth, while opening & shutting mouth at the same time)

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