Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Easter Gifts for Kids, Teachers, Friends and All Things Wonderful Link Up 4/19

My Girls and I had a lot of fun putting together these friend and teacher Easter gifts. I felt like we needed some "Mommy/Daughter Crafting Time" and we definitely got it. Plus, the best part was that we made these little gifts to give away to brighten someones day.

Easter Bag Toppers with Goodies for Teachers
Didn't these bags turn out cute? The first thing we made were these adorable goody bags for my girls dance teachers. They both have fabulous teachers and so we wanted to give them something yummy for Easter.

  1. We took a candy bar and wrapped it with the darling candy bar wrapper pictured from, anythingbutperfect.com. You have to check out this website. I love their designs and they have some really cute printables that coordinate with this Easter theme.

  2. We added Easter Grass to the bottom of the bag.

  3. We put the wrapped candy bar in the bag and added a few Easter Reese's Peanut Butter Cups to make it look like Easter Eggs sitting in the grass (or maybe it was just because we LOVE Reese's Peanut Butter Cups at our home).

  4. The last thing I had my girls do was add a little note to their teachers on the back of the treat bag topper. Photo Courtesy of anythingbutperfect.com

    CLICK HERE to be taken to the post where you can download this candy bar wrapper.
    CLICK HERE to be taken to the post where you can download the treat bag topper.

Peeps Friends Treat BagsThe next thing we did was my girls made treat bags for all of their classmates. Our plans were changes a little when I printed out enough treat bag toppers for 32 kids, and then I realized I accidentally printed them in gray scale, not color. Boy do I hate it when I do that. But, instead of letting all the papers go to waste my daughter said, "But Mom, can't we just color the toppers?" Of course the perfectionist in me was thinking, but they look so cute in color, & they probably won't turn out quiet as cute if the girls color them. Then I remembered it is not the product, but the process that counts.

This is a picture of what the darling toppers from, nothingbutcountry.com, were supposed to look like. If you haven't checked out their website you have to! You will not believe how many DARLING and practical craft, gift, food, ideas, etc. they have. Photo Courtesy of nothingcountry.com

CLICK HERE to be taken to the post where you can download and print this cute "Hoppy Easter to one of my favorite PEEPS!" bag topper.Materials Needed:

  • "Hoppy Easter" treat bag printable topper

  • snack size or sandwich size plastic bags

  • Peeps (a variety of colors makes it really cute)

  • Jellybeans

  • Crayons (if you choose to color them yourself)

  • Stapler (or tape) to attach the gift bag topper to the plastic bag.
    Here are my girls coloring away! My youngest just had to do 8 for her preschool class (one of the classes I teach :0), and my oldest daughter had to do 24 for her Kindergarten class. Towards the end of Little Blonde's coloring she wished she was back in preschool with a smaller class size. :0)Here are all of the "Hoppy Easter" Treat Bags lined up in a row: We added a bag of jelly beans and Easter Peeps to each bag. I know that when my youngest daughter passed these treat bags out at the end of preschool today, the kids were so excited to receive them. I think my daughter however, had the biggest smile on her face because she felt special that everyone liked what she made them.

The CUTEST Printable Owl Gift Box
This cute Owl Gift Box ended up being the craft that I worked on for the evening. Although it did take a little bit of time to assemble all of the boxes together, the instructions that came with the printable were so easy to follow. We made these treat boxes for my daughter's school teachers as well as their church teachers. My girls are so blessed to have so many wonderful teachers in their lives. We love you all!

The Owl Gift Box Printable comes from the amazing website: http://www.jinjerup.blogspot.com/. I am SO thrilled that I discovered this website. I couldn't stop looking through all of the posts at the amazing designs! LOVE THEM ALL! Don't miss out, go on over and take a look.Materials Needed:

  • Cardstock Paper to print the design on.

  • Scissors

  • Glue (I just used a glue stick and I was a little bit leery at first, but it worked great)

  • Box Cutter (utility knife)

  • Ribbon or twine for the handle if you choose to add one to it

  • Candy or other non-food goodies to fill the box.

  • Easter grass to put at the bottom of the box (you could also use tissue paper)

  • Stapler (I put one staple in the corner of the bag to reinforce it)

  • Pen (to write your message)

  • You could laminate the bookmark that comes with the printable as an option.
    This is a picture of me hard at work. Yes, I did actually assemble the gift boxes. The boxes are even lined with printed paper which are all included in the Owl Box download. I just noticed my freckles in this picture. Sometimes I forget that I am a redhead and I do have freckles. Like I told my daughters, freckles are "kisses from angels" (or at least that is what my Mom told me :0)). Photo courtesy of http://www.jinjerup.blogspot.com/

CLICK HERE to be taken to the post that contains the download for everything you see in the picture above. I can't tell you how much fun I had putting these little Owl boxes together.

I can't wait to decide which project I want to do next on Jinjerup's website.

Happy Easter everyone!

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heya Shauna,
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x, Lynn

My Oatmeal Kisses said...

Wow! You really went to town! I love the teacher gift ideas, it is super thoughtful, but it won't break the bank.

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These are both super cute ideas, and I love that the kids can work on them--how sweet! I'm your newest follower!

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Very cute!!

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So cute!

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So cute. They turned out great.

Jo @ SmileMonsters

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These are all great projects! thanks for sharing!