Thursday, August 11, 2011

Fun Fall Arts and Crafts Kit for Children

Children love to create! My Fall Arts and Crafts Kit is the perfect way of letting the child in your life explore while making fun, seasonal art projects.

I have two "Fall Arts and Crafts Kits" for sale in my Etsy Store, You can also purchase the adorable "Scarecrow Puppet" by itself for just $1.00. The great thing is the puppet comes to you as a digital PDF file and you can print as many copies as you need for your family or classroom.

Here is a little bit more information about the "Fall Arts & Crafts Kit" contents.

Fall Arts and Crafts Kit:
You will receive all of the materials needed to make 10 quality and creative fall crafts, that are fun for children to make (as pictured in the picture at the top of this blog post).

The Fall Arts and Crafts Kit was created from my experience as both a teacher and a parent, with crafts that are fun and educational. The Fall Arts and Crafts Kits are geared toward children ages 3-8. The Kit contains small parts that may not be suitable for children under 3.

The learning materials in the Fall Arts & Crafts Kit include original art projects created by me, as well as new art supplies.

Skills Taught:
Fine motor practice (cutting, drawing, lacing, coloring, etc.), Visual Discrimination, Spatial Reasoning, etc.

The Fall Arts and Crafts Kit is well organized so that you can quickly find an art project for your child to do. Some activities are designed for both you and your child to interact together, while other activities can be completed by your child independently. Simply reach into the Fall Arts and Crafts Kit’s Box, choose and activity, and get started!

Artwork Featured:
All of the artwork in the Fall Arts and Craft Kits are original and hand drawn by me.
Permission of Use:
All of the artwork as well as the learning materials created by me, Shauna W., Learn and Grow, and Learn and Grow Designs are all copyrighted. Please respect the time and creativity I put into making these items.
With only two kits, I am sure they will go fast.

Giveaway: Because I am so excited about these fun fall items, I am going to e-mail the first four people to leave a comment on this post my adorable "Scarecrow Puppet" for FREE. Simply leave your e-mail with the comment.


Gidget Girl Reading said...

the scarecrow is cute I'll have to check out the shop :)

silly eagle books said...

What fun! Thanks for your kind comments on my blog and I'm so glad I found yours!

Unknown said...

Cute ideas! You're shop is wonderful & I've bookmarked it for future use!

I love the scarecrow.

Holly said...

Woohoo! So cute!

Jyl & Andy said...

bummer. I'm number five. I love you craft ideas.

Dollar Store Merchandise said...

Very nice craft kits! The kids will surely love these!