Thursday, September 8, 2011

Color Hunt, Dinosaur Color Words File Folder Game, and "All Things Wonderful Link-up 9/8"

I decided to do a little "Color Hunt" with my preschoolers. To start off we read the book, Colors, from the Eye Like series. This book is AMAZING. The photographs use are bright, and wonderful, and my little ones couldn't keep their eyes off the pages of the book.
After we reviewed the colors and went over some of the objects that were pictured on each page, we went on our "Color Hunt". I would randomly open up the book to a page, lay it on the floor, and we would call out the color together. Then my preschoolers would go around the room and as quick as possible find something that particular color to bring back to our circle time area. The kids would then place their colored object around the opened page and we would have a discussion if each object was indeed that particular color. The kids loved this activity and it was such a fun way to review colors. Here is a picture of our "purple" found objects. Here is a few of the "blue" found objects. Here were some of their "green" found objects. We were also able to have a great conversation about how there are different shades of each color (ie. light blue, dark blue, turquoise, etc.).
Color Sort File Folder Game
My students then got into groups and played this fun Color Sort File Folder Game. You can find this game by CLICKING HERE.Dinosaur Color Words File Folder Game

I wanted to give you a FREE File Folder Game to download that would go along with your color study. My oldest daughter is working on matching color words to colors in school, so I thought that this would be a fun game to make for her, as well as to share with you. The file folder game contains original dinosaur illustrations drawn be me and you will receive two different game boards.

The first game board has dinosaurs with their color words written in the same color. Then for a challenge, the second game board has dinosaurs with their colors written in black ink. The first board would be good for younger children or beginning readers. The second game board would be good for older children or more advanced readers.

The object of the game is to match the colored dinosaur eggs to the correct dinosaur colored word. Fun! Scroll down to get your FREE download.

This is an example of what the first set of dinosaur game boards look like using black ink only on the colored words.

This is an example of what the second set of dinosaur game boards look like using colored ink on the color words.

CLICK HERE to download your FREE file folder game. I would love to know if you use it with your little ones by leaving a comment.

All Things Wonderful Link Party

Don't forget to grab my new party button if you have the old one. Now it is time for you to link up a "wonderful" post from your blog or website. It could be a wonderful tutorial, something you have done with your children, a favorite recipe, DIY craft project, decorating ideas, wonderful things you have found in blog land, etc.

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Unknown said...

I can't begin to tell you how EXCITED I am about your free download. My 4 yr old loves, Loves, LOVES Dinosaurs and this is just PERFECT for him. Thank you so much!