Saturday, February 11, 2012

Occassional Crafting - Wait until you see these amazing cards!

Occassional Crafting
I can't tell you how excited I am that my talented sister Lindsey has started a new blog called, Occassional Crafting If you type it into your browser, make sure you spell occassional with an ss not just one s. There is another blog with a similar name but it is not hers.

Lindsey has always had a talent when it comes to paper crafts. I can't tell you how many amazing scrapbook pages she has made me over the years. Not to mention the endless amount of cards she has given me.

The thing that I love about what Lindsey creates are the details she puts into everything she does. She spends so much time on her cards by adding a variety of papers, stamps, hand cutting out elements, embossing, etc. Her cards look amazing in pictures, but if you were to see them in person, you would be blown away.
So, stop on by her blog and share a little love by leaving her a comment on one of her posts. You will want to check out the rest of her amazing creations! While you are there you will definitely want to become a follower as well so you don't miss out on any of her creativeness. Now Lindsey doesn't even know I am doing this post about her because she is also EXTREMELY humble and doesn't even realize how AWESOME her paper crafting is.

Thanks for spreading some love!


Lindsey said...

You are too nice. Thanks, Nan. Love you.

Lindsey said...

I've been thinking about how you mentioned to be so specific about the name of my blog when you type it in, and then it hit me....I spelled occasional wrong! UGH! I cannot believe that I missed that. That's what I get for starting this on a whim and frantically trying to think of a name. I might change it bugs me. I'll let you know.