Thursday, May 10, 2012

Book Report Freebies for Elementary Aged Students - Teacher's Appreciation Week Freebie Day 4

I hope you are still having a great Teacher's Appreciation Week! We are on Day 4 of My Shae Noel's Freebie a day, and today I have two Book Reports to share with you.

"My Book Report" and "If I Wrote This Book..." Book Reports are perfect for Elementary Aged children. Younger preschool aged children could even do these book reports by dictating to you their description of the book that was read to them while you act as their scribe.

These Book Reports are 2 of 20 different book reports that I have made for my daughter's First Grade teacher this year (whom we simply adore). I plan on selling all of the book reports I have made in a big bundle at an amazing price. So be watching for them to show up in my Learn and Grow Designs Etsy Store and my Teacher's Notebook Store soon! 
My "If I Wrote This Book..." Book Report has been one of the 1st grade student's favorites. Don't we all wish we could change the ending of stories every once in a while, or wish we could add a character into a story? This book report let's your child/student do just that. So fun!

 Click Here to download my "If I Wrote This Book..." Book Report.

"My Book Report" is a very simple and great way of introducing book reports to a child. This book report works well with all picture books, chapter books, fiction, and non-fiction books. Basically your child/student is asked to write down what the book title is, who the author and illustrator are, they are asked to circle words that describe their story or they can add their own descriptive words, and last but not least they get to draw something that happens in the book they have read.

This book report is even great for little ones to do, because they can dictate the first half of the book report to you, and then draw their own drawing of something that happened in the book at the end.  
Click Here to download "My Book Report" Book Report.
I always love comments, especially if you downloaded these book reports and found them useful!
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Ann Marie said...

Your book report print outs are great! I was looking for something I can use to get my kids (pre K, 1st & 2nd grades) to read and write more. I'm sure they will find these fun to do. Keep up the great work :-)