Monday, June 18, 2012

Opposites Activity using Recycled Magazines

We have been enjoying our first two weeks of summer vacation. Yipee! Right before summer started we had a lot of fun learning all about Opposites! I have several fun posts lined up for you with some great freebies.
The first thing we did was discuss what opposites were. We then found examples of opposites all around us. After we did this I gave "Little Red" and her friend a pile of magazines and a large piece of paper that had different opposites labeled on them: hot and cold, day and night, big and small, and sad and happy. The girls then went through the magazines and found pictures that matched the opposites listed on their paper. I was so proud of the girls and how clever they were.

Some of the opposites they found were:
hot: stove            cold: refrigerator
big: elephant        small: baby
day: sun               night: crib
sad: band aide      happy: smiling snowman

This is a great activity to recycle old magazines and it is a great way to use environmental print with your children.
To go along with our Recycled Opposites Poster we read the book Opposites by Sandra Boynton. I love Sandra Boynton's illustrations and this book is fabulous for learning about opposites.
Another fun activity we did that day was play the file folder game Hot or Cold created by File Folder Fun. It is such a fun game that my preschool students used to love! You can download this great opposites game for free by heading over to File Folder Fun here.


Unknown said...

I love your activity. What a great way to reuse magazines!

Natalie PlanetSmarty said...

Great idea to make a collage. Thanks for joining WMCIR!