Thursday, December 13, 2012

Celebrating Jesus Christ's Birth Activity Book for Children, a freebie, and Nativity Children's Themed Book List

I am thrilled to share with you a beautiful book I have created for children to help them understand the true meaning of Christmas.

I had a wonderful customer contact me several months ago requesting a custom order. She wanted me to create a book that would help her grandchildren focus on our Savior's birth during the Christmas season.
The great thing was I had wanted to do something like this for my own children last year, so I already had some ideas rolling around in my mind as well as a few sketches already drawn. I couldn't be more pleased with the results and when I printed out the book for my own children, they were so excited to get started on it.
Celebrating Jesus Christ's Birth Activity Book for Children details:
Celebrating Jesus Christ's Birth is an activity book that helps children to understand the true meaning of Christmas. This special book contains 10 pages for your child to draw, color, and complete to help them focus on Jesus Christ's birth. It is my hope that this book I have created can help children to realize the significance of this sacred holiday. All of the illustrations contained in this book are original and drawn by myself.

The PDF file contains:
1. The Celebrating Jesus Christ's Birth Book Cover Page
2. All About Me as I am Trying to be Like Jesus Page
3. Nativity Coloring Page
4. Wise Men Still Seek Him Page
5. Oh Holy Night Page
6. If I Could Give Jesus a Present this Year Page
7. I'm Trying to be Like Jesus Page
8. Away in a Manger Page
9. Once in Royal David's City Page
10. Joy to the World Page
I am selling this book as a printable PDF Activity Book HERE at my Learn and Grow Designs Etsy Store and HERE at my Learn and Grow Designs Teacher's Notebook Store. The great thing about a printable book, is you can print as many copies of the book as you would like and as often as you would like.
I did a lot of thinking and even praying when I was designing this book. I really wanted this book to be something special that would help bring the focus during this time of the year back to our Savior.

Here is an example from my book, my "Away in a Manger" page. This page ask the children to draw baby Jesus lying in the manger. All of the pages in my Celebrating Jesus Christ's Birth Book have some type of quote, scripture reference from the Bible, or part of a familiar song.

CLICK HERE to download your own copy of my "Away in a Manger" page. Please make sure you use this art activity for personal use only.
 I love how my 8 year old daughter added a donkey and a lamb to her completed page. So cute.
 Mary and Baby Jesus look so sweet on my 6 year old daughter's page.
I also wanted to share with you today some of the books that we like to read together during this sacred season.
  • The Story of Christmas by Patricia A. Pingry, illustrated by Lorraine Wells, is a sweet board book that talks about the day that Jesus was born and why we give gifts during Christmas.
  • The Very Special Night by Ruth Shannon Odor, illustrated by Pat Karch, is a lovely vintage book that was given to me by my grandparents when I was three years old. My Grandmother was a school librarian who loved books and children, and was a huge influence in my life. Every book she gave to my sisters and I she always inscribed with our name, the date, and her and my grandmother's name. Not only do I love having the memory of when the books were given to me, to be able to see her handwriting (since she passed away 12 years ago), is priceless. This is another sweet book that tells the story of when Christ was born.
  • Tonight You are My Baby - Mary's Christmas Gift by Jeannine Q. Norris, illustrated by Tim Ladwig, is such a special book that tells of the bond Mary, the mother of Jesus, had with her new infant son. This is a beautiful story, both in words and in pictures.
  • Who Was Born This Special Day? by Eve Bunting and Leonid Gore, is a darling book, with simple text, that asks the question, "Who Was Born This Special Day?", from the animals in the manger's point of view.

God Bless you all!


Lindsey said...

THis is amazing. I really love everything about it.

Lindsey said...

This is amazing. I really love everything about it!