Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Penguin Books, Literacy, and Math Activities part 2

We started out our second day of our penguin themed preschool activities by completing this "When it is cold outside I like to..." page. The girls wrote down what they loved to do in the winter and then they decorated their papers with fun winter themed foam penguin stickers.
The opening activity we did "When it is cold outside I like to..." is a part of my "My Winter Activity Book" that you can find both at my Etsy Store HERE and my Teacher's Notebook Shop HERE.
We also read the book In the Wild: Penguins that I found at our local library together. In the Wild Penguins is a wonderful book full of great photographs and it uses simple text that helps children learn all about penguins. It is probably one of my favorite non-fictioon books on penguins written for children.
I gave my daughter "Little Red" and her preschool friend this non-fiction penguin mini reader that I made. I found wonderful photographs of penguins to include in the book as well as researched interesting facts about penguins. The girls loved holding and reading their own little penguin books and had a fun time reading them together.
After we read the books together I helped the girls fill out the comprehension paper together. It was fun to hear their responses. To get your own FREE copy of my Interesting Facts about Penguins mini non-fiction reader CLICK HERE to be taken to my Learn and Grow Designs Teacher's Notebook Shop.
The next thing my little preschoolers did was play my "Penguin Math Fun Addition and Subtraction Games". If you missed my post describing these games in detail you can CLICK HERE to read all about it. I sell the exact same ready made version of this game in my shop that includes everything you see above.
The girls had so much fun playing the games and the fun penguin eraser manipulatives were definitely the big hit!
 I also have the digital version of this game for sale in my Learn and Grow Designs shops as well.
During snack time I gave the girls penguins that I found at Target's Dollar Spot last year. I told them that their penguins were hungry and wanted fish to eat. To feed their penguins they had to turn over a numeral card (that are included in my Penguin Math Fun Games) and depending what the card said, they received that amount of fish crackers. After the girls played this little game they were able to eat their crackers. They thought this was so much fun!
If you missed my "Penguin Activities part 1 Post" where I shared the above activities, simply CLICK HERE.

I hope you had fun looking at more of our penguin themed activities!

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Lindsey & Kurtis said...

I love your new unit. What a great starter! Also, I was looking at the game board in your penguin math fun games, and I was thinking that it would be such a perfect mat to teach prepositions! You could put the penguins next to the igloo, in the water, over the igloo, on the hill, etc. If I was still teaching preschool this year, I would totally have used it for one of my language teaching tables (in addition to using it for a bunch of other math concepts).